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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Michael Backman, Malaysia need a strong opposition!

This is what I quote from Michael Backman's blog. Think again and use your vote wisely. An Australian may have a better insights of Malaysia current politics condition than others.

Malaysia needs a strong Opposition
by Michael Backman
The Age
February 27, 2008

SHOULD Malaysians bother to vote? The corollary of this question is: does the Malaysian Government deserve to
be re-elected? The answer to the second question is no.

In the past few years, the Malaysian Government has presided over an extraordinary number of scandals that are
appalling by any standards: the trade minister's allocation of car import permits to friends, relatives and supporters;
the billion-dollar fraud at the Port Klang Free Trade Zone; the outrageous and much-flaunted wealth of ruling party
politician Zakaria Md Deros; the claims that a High Court judge allowed the lawyer representing a rich businessman
to write for him his judgement in a defamation lawsuit; an immensely rich chief minister in Sarawak state who is
allowed to rule as if it were his; and so on.

The Malaysian Government richly deserves to pay for all of this at the ballot box.

So the next question is: should the Malaysian Opposition be elected to office? Again, the answer is no.

The Opposition is a shambolic assortment of the disaffected rather than a competent, alternative government. In
no way is it ready to govern.

All these questions are pertinent because Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi has called elections for March 8.

Elections are fought tenaciously in Malaysia as if the South-East Asian country is a fully fledged democracy. But it
isn't. It is democratic in that elections are held, but they are not fair. The ruling coalition has been in power in one
form or another since independence 50 years ago. One reason for this longevity is that there are legal and
institutional biases that favour the Government.

Malaysian electorates are severely malapportioned. The smallest electorates are rural; the largest are
metropolitan. The largest have about six times the number of registered voters as the smallest. This means that
the votes of those in the smallest seats count for many times those in the larger seats.

This sort of bias meant, for example, that in the last general elections held in 2004, the ruling coalition won 198 or
91% of the parliamentary seats with just 64% of the votes cast. The Opposition won only 21 seats or 9.6% of the
seats compared with 36% of the popular vote.

Had the Parliament reflected voters' actual voting intentions, there would have been 79 rather than 21 Opposition
members elected.

Outright fraud is another way in which Malaysians are cheated when they vote. Tens of thousands of dead people
are believed to have voted in the 2004 elections. Exit polling is difficult, but it is assumed that these voters
overwhelmingly favoured the Government. Credit must be given when it is due — the Government did eventually
remove hundreds of thousands of deceased voters from the electoral roles. But the damage had been done.

Also at the last elections, thousands of Malaysians who turned up on polling day found that the electorates in which
they were registered had been changed without their permission or knowledge. Thousands of voters were shifted
into Opposition-held or marginal electorates. Absurdly, even family members living in the same house discovered
that they had been registered in different electorates. Most Malaysians do vote for the ruling coalition, so the effect
of this was to swamp the votes for the Opposition.

Multiple voting is another problem. Indelible ink is used to mark voters when they vote, but it is not compulsory.

Next month's election is being held a year early. Why? One reason is because Anwar Ibrahim, who was deputy
prime minister until he was charged and convicted of corruption and sodomy in the late 1990s, will only be eligible
to stand for election after April 8 because of the convictions. The sodomy convictions were overturned because of
uncertainty about the dates on which the alleged acts were supposed to have occurred, but the corruption verdict

Anwar is unfit to hold public office, regardless of the Government's manoeuvring against him. The sodomy issue is
irrelevant. The serious charges against him are the corruption charges, which relate to Anwar asking the police to
heavy two witnesses into withdrawing their statements against him. On this, Anwar was convicted with irrefutable

That the deputy prime minister of any country should do such a thing is unforgivable and yet Anwar has his
backers, mostly in the Western media.

Most Malaysians found his criticisms of their Government shortly after he was removed from office to be
transparently opportunistic, given that he had been a senior minister in the Government for 15 years. But while
Anwar is more popular outside Malaysia than inside, he is still a rallying figure for the discontented.

So what should Malaysians do? Firstly, in a country where voting is not compulsory, they should vote. There's no
point complaining on internet blogs but not bothering to vote.

Given the Opposition's unpreparedness to govern, the Malaysian Government is best returned. But it does
deserve a good, hard kick. Even more, it needs a significant and strong Opposition to help it govern better. It
needs greater accountability and scrutiny, which a strong Opposition in Parliament will help provide. That is what
good governments everywhere have and need.

Of course, tiny Singapore is an exception but Singapore is a country in name only. The reality is that the Singapore
Government is a glorified city council.

Malaysia, on the other hand, is a diverse and complex country that wants to be modern. It needs to be governed
like one.


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Edison sex scandal poll results.

Click for larger view.

Opposition can deny two third majority?

I received a forwarded mail form my Malay colleague which is regarding a talk of Anwar Ibrahim this this afternoon. He (my colleague) received JPA scholarships to further study in UK previously. Later in the afternoon again, another Malay colleague has asked me to support opposition in this General Election.
Frankly, I am quite surprised. I am thinking over 70% of Malay will cast their vote to BN government. May be I am wrong and I see the hope of opposition to deny a two third majority in the parliamentary seat in 12th general Election this time.
There are more and more young and educated Malays (as well as other ethnics of course) dissatisfied with the current government. This could be the challenge for BN this time round.
If 35 to 40% Malays vote for either DAP, PKR or PAS, 55% to 60% Chinese and 60 to 65% Indian vote for opposition, there is a chance for opposition to achieved 75 seats.
If DAP can win about 28 to 30 seats, PAS can win 25 to 28 seats, the weakest PKR (although competes in 92 parliamentary seats) can win of 22 to 25 seats, BN may be denied the two third majority in Parliament.
There are nearly 5 million citizens from 21 to 35 hasn't registered himself or herself as voter. This is really disappointed. They are given the chance to decide their country fate but they let it go. What a shame! We should always think you could do something top decide your country fate and your fate instead of just plain complaints.
It is time to change, change for a better tomorrow. And it starts by you and me!
Read this post as well.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Rosanne Wong from 2R involve in Edison scandal?

I have found this one from http://www.hollywoodgrind.com

It seems more people involve in this Edison Chen sex scandal. Memebers of another female pop band 2R, Rossanne Wong is suspected involve in this scnadal after another female band Twins, Gillian Chung. So we are waiting whether Kira well leak out her photo.
Good luck girl!

Rosanne Wong Worried Her Naughty Pictures Coming Out Soon

Posted on February 19, 2008 at 7:37 pm (PST) | 4 Comments

Female pop duo 2R, Rosanne Wong, and Race Wong, returned from Singapore to Hong Kong this evening, and neither were willing to comment on the recent naughty picture scandal involving Edison Chen.

Race only said that she wished for the police to solve the case as soon as possible, because everyone had been made quite unhappy by it. She revealed that even her family had urged for the duo to leave the entertainment industry, but she said they won’t quit, because they share a great love for singing and acting. She added that they hoped they will not be dragged into the scandal.

Why are they worried about being dragged into the scandal? Have they let Edison take pictures of them as well?

Rosanne was romantically linked by the press to Edison in 2004. Newspapers have speculated if she will be the next celebrity implicated by the scandal. So there’s your answer. We’ve heard rumors that pictures of Rosanne Wong will surface soon.

Quizzed on whether or not they knew of rumors that Edison threatened to commit su!cide if his current girlfriend Vincy Yeung didn’t accept his marriage proposal, and being unsuccessful, slit his wrist in a su!cide attempt, Race had no reply. She said a Chinese New Year greeting before leaving the airport with Rosanne.

If Rosanne was smart she’d just admit there are pictures of her as well, and just issue an apology before they hit the Internet.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

If you love your country, please vote!

I have noticed a lot of young generation who is over 21 and eligible as a voter, never register himself or herself as a voter.
According to a survey, there are 70% of youth between 21 to 35 have not register themselves as voter.
Stop complaining this country if you are yet to registered as a voter (if you are over 21) as you not qualify to do so. You have a chance to decide the fate and direction of your country but you give up the right to do so. Of course voting does not mena you love your country but it certainly is an act to love your country.
You should read the article of the link below. It may change the mind that you should vote to change this country. I definately not here to teach you to vote which party as I believe you can judge it yourself.

Review of what your ministers said

An Australian comment of Malaysia

Monday, February 18, 2008

Gillian Chung cries in fans gathering

Gillian Chung actually dropped her tears in Twins fans gathering with Charlene Choi during Chinese New Year. This is the video clip form youtube that a fan upload as there is people chant bad words to her and she turn her back and cries. Afterwards, she was meeting the press for the first time about Edison sex scandal that she involved.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Gillian Chung, do you know why you get the blame to most?

Among all the female artist that involved in Edison sex scandal, Gillian Chung receive the most bad comments in asia forum. I can understand why she has received a lots of complaints especially fans's parents.
Bobo Chen and Maggie Q (if her photos leak out) have been known as Edison Chen girl friend. So for those nude photos that happen to them, I am a bit sorry for them. Because of their couple relationship, it should not have any controversial they had sex before.
Gilllian Chung is reported that her photos were taken during 2001 to 2006 which at that moment, it is believe Edison was in the realtion ship with Bobo and Maggie Q. So, Gillian is interuptted the relation ship as a "3rd person". Unless Gillian is naive and silly, she know the existence of Bobo and Maggie Q as Edison Chen's gf. Therefore, Gillian (Ah Jiao) was having abnormal relationship with Edison. She should be blamed for having abnormal relationship and not because of her blowjob photos with Ediosn exposed (although it worth to blame as well). Parents is hard to explained to their children how their idol can transform form an angel to a devil is a short time. Her "half hearted" apology seem did not get a positive response form the Hong Kong society. Moreover, it is just a tactic for her to prolong her career. If she not come out to clarify, she will also lose out the advertisement. So she has no choice but to gamble once.
The same apply to Cecelia Cheung and others girls. They are not Edison formal girl friend and obviously they are playing sex game. No sympathy for them really. They deserved the blame.
For the artist (still active) that involve in sex scandal, only fans and society can determine you can in the entertainment industry after that.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Pictures of Maggie Q leak out!! 8th victim of Edison scandal

It is pretty sure is Maggie Q (李美琪) in the photos. Apparently though, this was just a promotional picture for Edison Chen's clothing line and may have nothing to do with his sexcapades. Really, there's nothing too scandalous about the pic anyway. Nevertheless, a sex tape involving Edison Chen and Maggie Q is said to be circulating in Hong Kong:


Monday, February 11, 2008

Is it Jolin Tsai? Edison Chen sex scandal update

Gosh!Is it Jolin Tsai?I really hope it is not true. Tell me is digital fake photo!
Guys come and verify, it looks like her but the expression is a bit wierd. I can not confirm. Not like the others girl that I can verify by first sight.
Look at these 4 balck lingerie photos of Jolin Tsai look alike girl. Hope she is not the latest female artist that involve with Edison sex scandal.

The sourse is from http://www.zimbio.com/Nicholas+Tse/articles/36/Edison+Chen+Sex+Scandal+Photos+Jolin+Tsai

Unknown Woman 4 playing in lingerie for Edison Chen while he record the whole thing on video. Rumors are that this woman is Jolin Tsai but that is a sure thing, sure looks like her to me. Click on pictures to enlarge.

Jolin Tsai (Chinese: 蔡依林; pinyin: Cài Yīlín; Wade-Giles: Ts'ai I-lin) is a Golden Melody Award winning Taiwanese Mandopop singer. To date, Tsai is one of the most successful and popular singers in the Mandarin music market.

Jolin first started out by taking part in a MTV singing competition at the age of 18. She won the top prize at the competition with her rendition of Whitney Houston's #1 hit "Greatest Love of All". She was then signed by Universal Music.

On July 1999, her first single "Living With the World" (和世界做鄰居) was released. It was sold in convenience stores and was a tremendous success, which led to the release of her first album, Jolin 1019, on September 1999. At that time, she was packaged as "The Girl Next Door," and was an instant hit with teenagers, earning her the title "Teenage Boy Killer". Jolin 1019 ended up selling more than 400,000 copies in Asia. With the success of her first album, she released her anticipated second album in May 2000, Don't Stop. Many of the hits from that album were well known throughout Asia and the album was also a tremendous success. also released her first photobook with pictures mainly taken in Hawaii.

Her image changed for her third album, Show Your Love. Nearing the age of 21, she released an album that was much more mature and soothing. However, the album did not sell as well as her last two albums. Her fourth album, Lucky Number, wasn't able to bring her back to the same level of popularity either. The following year, due to conflicts with her record company, she did not release any albums. She did, however, release her second photo book, with photos taken in Thailand. At the end of 2001, Jolin's contract with Universal Music ended and her first greatest hits compilation, Together was released.

Gillian Chung admits the photos is her, Edison sex scandal continue

Finally Gillian Chung has admitted today to the press and public she is the one in Edison Chen photos. She said she was naive and stupid in the past. Howver, she is not apologized offcially.


自發生疑似藝人裸照風波後,受害人之一的鍾欣桐首次露面,她承認,以前很天真及傻,對事件的社會影響感到抱歉。 ...

Watch the video clip of her statements to the press and publics. But seem like she has no regrets of it.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

I am sorry for Gillian Chung fans

Gillian Chung fans or Twins fans, don't be so sad of your idol's photos although till now there is no evidence shows that those photos are fake. Be strong and don't be so sad. Life is going on even Gillian who was so innocent in the past replaced by a Japan AV image.
Obviously, Gillian and also Charlene Choi (another member of Twins) are seriously affected. Charlene should be mad at her partner that almost jeopardise what they have build so hard all these years. The next move is let Twins splits up. Charlene a.k.a Ah Sa will no need to bear the negative image of Gillian together. Emperor Entertainment at least will still make money of their effort to make Twins the Hong Kong most famous female groups.
Gillian, I still remembered how you cried when the Genting peeping picture published in Hong Kong's megazine. You look so innocent. Are your tears is fake? How can you do that to spoil your fans heart? You are not the victim that hurt most in Edison Chen sex scandal, your loyal fans are the victime that hurt most.
P/S:If you are looking for photos url, please refer my previous posts.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Gillian Chung and Edison Chen had unappropriate sex?

There are people who upload all the latest photos of Edison Chen sex scandal to this website. Try your luck so that you no need to search in Google or yahoo for Edison, Gillian Chung, Cecelia Cheung, Rachel Ngan, Bobo Chen, Candice Chan, Manday Chen and also 3 photos of Vincy Yeung.
More and more nude pictures leak out and spraeding all over asia. This sex scandal will not be so easily cover up by digital fake pictures. No more people will say it is a digital fake photos by photoshop. All of us believe it is real pictures.
Now Hong Kong forum has spotted a K-Y lubricants in Gillian Chung and Edison photos. People now has questioning Gillian Chung who has a really nice image before, has anal sex with Edison Chen. Though it is all for you to believe or not.
Besides, the photos that Gillian Chung took were believe during 2001 to 2006 as there were photos that she in short hair and long hair. During that time, edison is with Bobo Chen and Maggie Q as well. Thta make me really confuse Gillian has known the exitence of the other girl but still involve with Edison. Or I have to say, Edison really has his "charisma".
Until then, we can wait for more hot news, or until we prove the photo is digital fake one.

Vincy Yeung, Edison Chen new victim of sex scandal?

After Gillian Chung钟欣桐, Cecelia Cheung张柏芝, Bobo Chen陈文媛,Candice陈思慧,Cathy梁雨恩 and Rachel颜颖思, Edison Chen陈冠希 current girl friend, Vincy Yeung is said to be the latest girl has her nude photo posted up. This rumour spread in the Hong Kong forum this morning and become the latest hot topics in Kong Kong daily currently.
So we can now closely monitoring the response from Emperor Entertainment's boss Mr. Yeung if his niece as the latest victim. Rumours also said Edison has been beaten up.
Before that, 400 plus new photos leak out. That include more exposed photos from Gillian Chung钟欣桐, Cecelia Cheung张柏芝 and Bobo Chen陈文媛. News from papers confirm that Bobo Chen has been moved out form her fiance. The wedding will be postponed or may be cancel. She is now seem the victim that has been affected the most.
Besides, there are news said more photos will be posted and that include Jolin Tsai, Elva, Maggie Q and Joey Yung. We can just wait and see how the story will be going on.
Check my previous post to know where you can get the url link for their photos.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Edison Chen and his 6 gf's photos

First of all, you may come here to look for Edison Chen sex pictures or photos with several famous celebrities in Hong Kong. I can tell you, you will not find the direct link but I will give you the forum url to find the pictures yourself. Fair enough? It is becuase my advertisement sponsor will not allow me to do this.
Among the female artists that involve in this nude pictures scandal is Gillian Chung (or Ah Kiu of Twins), Cecelia Cheung, Bobo Chen, Maggie Q and some others young female that is not in the entertainment industry. But the latest news from forum, Candice陈思慧,Cathy梁雨恩 and Rachel颜颖思 also involve in this Hong Kong biggest sexual scandal in 2008.
I personally have seen some of the pictures and really can not see it is digital fake photos. Furthermore, I noticed the response of this artist and their company Emperor Entertainment was different from the previous. They are not denied the nude photo scnadal at all and passed to Hong Kong police for investigation. Edison later apologised to the girls that involved in this scandal. Is he admitted the photos are real? I believe so.
After the naked photo of this young idols spread in the Hong Kong forum, Edison has backed to hide in Canada. Gillian Chung has been rumouring suicide but her company said she has been sicked for many days. No matter what, her image is seriously tarnished unless there is proof those nude photo is digital fake. Bobo Chen who is prepared to marry has postponed or even called off after this incident. Cecelia Cheung should be the one who less affected as her image is not that kind of sweet candy girl like Gillian and Bobo.
I have no sympathy for them honestly. You as a celebrity with fame and fortune and more important so many young and teenagers that idolised them, should know taking your nude photos is so high a risk. You just don't know when it will leak out or someone may betray you. Their fans hurt more than they did!Celebrity also human and need sex, but taking nude photos or sex clips is another story.
Previously there have quite some sex clips that accidently leak out or purposely leak out such as Tammy from NYP in Singapore, Sunway college girl and Kuching girl Yit Ping Chiew from Malaysia. Of course, former minister Chua Soi Lek that make the headlines in the eraly January. This already show how dangerous it is of taking your "happy moment". So beware if you doing so.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

CJ7 vs Kung Fu Dunk

CJ7 and Kung Fu Dunk both target the Chinese New Year season's movie. By the staring alone, you may think CJ7 has a slight edge with Stephen Chow name's is enough for an attraction to moviegoers. Kung Fu Dunk in the other hand staring by Jay Chow, Chen Bo Lin, Charlene Choi and Eric Tsang is also a strong casting.

I have watched both of these two movies at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. Overall, CJ7 is a bit below my expectation while Kung Fu Dunk is above my expectation. If you are in dilemma to chosse only one movie between this two, you may have some idea after reading this.

This movie is about a poor laborer father played by STEPHEN CHOW and his young son played by Xu Jiao. When a fascinating and strange new pet, CJ7 which come form another universe enters their lives, it is all the storyline started. Along the storyline, Kitty Zhang Yu Qi who played Miss Yuan as Xu Jiao teachers.
The story is really simple and to be honest, not much of comedian in this movie. You really can predict what will be happened next in the movie. Not much of surprise really. However, the visual effect of CJ7, the pet in the movie is cute and really enhance entertainment of this movie. Xu Jiao the young actress (who act as a boy in the movie) is actually the main character in this movie. The acting really add a lot of points for this movie.
Stephen Chow has said in the movie, "Although we are poor, but we aren't steal or rob,we ahve nothng to shame of. You must study harder, so that you can be someone that can contribute to society when you grow up". SOund faniliar of what your parents said to you whne you are still a child?
P/S: I notice this movie shooting is taken in ZheJiang Province.

Kung Fu Dunk
Shi-Jie (Jay Chou), grew up in a Martial Arts School. Hence he is well verse in Marital Arts especially Kung-fu. With his Kung-fu skills and his good reflex, Shi-Jie excels in basketball by mastering the slam dunk skill. On the pretext of helping Shi-Jie find his family, Wang-Li (Eric Tsang) invited him to join a university’s basketball team in hopes of making money of it. Along the way, Jay has falled in love with Charlene who is the sister of Chen Bo Lin, who is the cpatain of First University basketball team.
Don't put much hope of Jay acting to be honest. Charlene character in the movie is actually not important (She exists to attract more of her fans into cinema). The storyline is also predictable. However, the visual effects is quite good. The comedian is surprisngly better than CJ7. Eric Tsang, we all know a very experience actor really brings this should be a C+ movie up at least a class to B.
There is two version of Kung Fu Dunk. I have choosed the Mandarin version instead of the Cantonese version. I can tell you only Charlene is apeaking Cantonese in the movie. Yes, Eric Tsang also speaking Mandarin in the movie (he also speak some Canto in the movie). Of course, Jay fans will not want to see voice reaplced by a Canto one.