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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Opposition can deny two third majority?

I received a forwarded mail form my Malay colleague which is regarding a talk of Anwar Ibrahim this this afternoon. He (my colleague) received JPA scholarships to further study in UK previously. Later in the afternoon again, another Malay colleague has asked me to support opposition in this General Election.
Frankly, I am quite surprised. I am thinking over 70% of Malay will cast their vote to BN government. May be I am wrong and I see the hope of opposition to deny a two third majority in the parliamentary seat in 12th general Election this time.
There are more and more young and educated Malays (as well as other ethnics of course) dissatisfied with the current government. This could be the challenge for BN this time round.
If 35 to 40% Malays vote for either DAP, PKR or PAS, 55% to 60% Chinese and 60 to 65% Indian vote for opposition, there is a chance for opposition to achieved 75 seats.
If DAP can win about 28 to 30 seats, PAS can win 25 to 28 seats, the weakest PKR (although competes in 92 parliamentary seats) can win of 22 to 25 seats, BN may be denied the two third majority in Parliament.
There are nearly 5 million citizens from 21 to 35 hasn't registered himself or herself as voter. This is really disappointed. They are given the chance to decide their country fate but they let it go. What a shame! We should always think you could do something top decide your country fate and your fate instead of just plain complaints.
It is time to change, change for a better tomorrow. And it starts by you and me!
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Hexacool said...

Yes! Say No to BN!!