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Friday, March 28, 2008

STPM students hard to secure a place for popular courses in local varsity?

Since in the early 80s in the 20th century, the enrolment to the local public universities is base on quota system. It is an unfair system as it base on races and bumiputra are reserves 55% to 65% of the universities places. Some years back, the enrolment system has changed to a worse than the quota system, a ‘meritocracy’ system' which standardized a lower standard matriculation system and world wide recognized STPM. How they standardized a two of different education system is a mystery.

I avoid saying how unfair of the system is, and only those who has gone through this can understand that. You are comparing a one year matriculation that is evaluate by their lecturer, base on test, exams and assignment with a one and a half year STPM with harder and broader syllabus, almost entirely base on one exam.

What make me an ex STPM student who enjoy quota system feeling depress is, this meritocracy enrolment system has make a lot of good STPM student dropping in their way to pursue popular courses like medicine, pharmacy, engineering and accountancy.

According the data collected by Inter-varsity Counseling Group (IVEC) for Chinese student, there are some serious skew of the intake between matriculation and STPM.

I just take some example of the popular courses. It is base on intake 2007/08 and you can look for the information from <http://www.quansheng.org>

Please note that al the data is just from Chinese but I do think it is the same for others except bumiputra.

    1. Medicine - 18 from STPM with CGPA 4.0 while there are 62 students from matriculation background. The maximum score and minimum score of CGPA is 4.0.

    2. Pharmacy - 6 students from STPM with score of CGPA 4.0 while 21 matriculation students with the same score enroll the same course. The max and min score is 4.0 for both streams.

    3. Electrical Engineering - For STPM, 3 with CGPA 4.0 and 1 with CGPA 3.92 manage to enroll. For matriculation, 23 with CGPA 4.0 and 1 with CGPA 3.94 enroll the same course. Please note that 3.92 is the second best score after 4.0 for STPM

    4. Telecommunication Engineering -- Only total 1 student from STPM with a 4.0 score enrolled. 13 students from matriculation with CGPA score of 4.0 enrolled and 1 student with a minimum score 3.88 manage to enrolled.

    5. Mechanical Engineering - 3 students with CGPA 4.0 (STPM) enrolled while a total of 26 students with the same CGPA enrolled is from matriculation

    6. Chemical Engineering - Again, 6 from STPM and 18 from matriculation enrolled. All of them got perfect CGPA, 4.0
    7. Actuary - this one is harder to judge. One student with maximum score 4.0, and one student with a minimum score 3.88 from STPM. 10 students from matriculation with a score of CGPA 4.0 manage to enroll. However, the total Chinese student from STPM is unlikely more than matriculation.

    8. Law - The only course that more intake for STPM students among the popular courses. There are 23 students with maximum score 4.0 and minimum score of 3.83 from STPM while only 5 students from matriculation with a full point score.


    1. Electrical & Electronic engineering - One from STPM with a 4.0 score while there are 12 from matriculation that has a full score

    2. Mechanical engineering - For STPM, one student with a CGPA 4.0 get the enrolment while 2 students with CGPA 3.92 is the minimum score for this course. Meanwhile, 15 students with CGPA 4.0 enroll while the minimum score is 3.9.

    3. Chemical engineering - Only 2 students from STPM has enrolled for this course. In contrary, there are 23 students with CGPA 4.0 from matriculation and the minimum score is 3.92

    4. Law - May be there is some justice in law faculty. The enrolment for both STPM and matriculation in UKM is even.

    5. Dentistry - Only 4 students with a CGPA 4.0 enroll while 19 students from matriculation with 4.0 score enroll. Besides, there are 2 students enrolled with a minimum score 3.92

    6. Medicine - STPM vs matriculation. 22 vs 61 with a score of 4.0. There are matriculation students that enrolled with a result of 3.95

    7. Pharmacy - Only 12 students from STPM while 30 students from matriculation enrolled for this course.
    8. Actuary - 4 students enrolled with STPM result CGPA 4.0), while 14 matriculation students manage to make it.


    1. Medicine - A total 6 students enroll with STPM result (range from 3.92 to 4.0) but matriculation has 34 students with 4.0 results a lone manage enroll the same course.

    2. Accountancy - For STPM students, 4 with CGPA 4.0, minimum score is 3 (1 student) and CGPA 4.0 is the mode. Matriculation has 33 students with CGPA 4.0 enrolled accountancy and the minimum score is 3.72. By statistic a lone, you can realize that STPM students are unlikely more than matriculation students.

I can list down much more. But I think it is enough to show matriculation students obviously has the upper hand in the public university application.

There is lonely 10% non bumiputra can enroll matriculation each year. Therefore, the non buimiputra STPM students is far more than matriculation students. However, the Chinese matriculation students that score CGPA 4.0 could be 3-4 times more than STPM students.

What is the logic behind this? Even a mediocre student can score 4.0 in matriculation which only a brilliant STPM students manage to score the same results.

The only explanation is matriculation exam is too easy to pass, to score distinction. Ther is no quality control of matriculation and the ministry of Higher Education has no plan to increase the matriculation standard to be the same par with STPM.

The aim of matriculation is to allow more bumiputra students to enroll public university with a easy and safe way. That was a practice of quota system which virtually is Chinese versus Chinese, Indian versus Indian with a same STPM results. So every races is figthing within their races of the limited places taht already allocated. Normally,Chinese is always facing the fierce competition among themselves under quota system.

The current condition is worse. Why? Two population students with a different standard of exam compete with each other. To make the condition worse, 2nd and 3rd tier students from matriculation can easily beat the first tier student from STPM in CGPA. It is already not a problem of which races obtain how many percent of varsity enrollment but a total lost of control of varsity education quality. This is more serious than the quota system practice. To let the unqualified students to drop out after the courses commence is just a waste of tax payer’s money.

If you are a STPM students or your children is studying STPM, you must mentally prepare a good STPM result really can not guarantee a place for the course that you want to enroll especially for the course like medicine, pharmacy and engineering.

There is a flaw of the varsity enrollment system and Ministry of Higher Education need to address it and create a true meritocracy. Only one major enrollment to the varsity should be allowed besides other qualifications.

I can guarantee, public university will start to climb back in the World university ranking once we practice a true meritocracy student intake system.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Dare to bare Taiwanese bloggers

Honestly, I really have to salute these Taiwanese bloggers. They have posting their nude photos as a celebration of their new President Ma Ying-Jeou won in the March 22 election. I am not sure who will dare to do this or think of doing this while opposition historical best results in the 8 March general election.
Original from this blog (http://www.wretch.cc/blog/yeanhan&article_id=8587986) that have at least 20 over male and female bare their body with important parts covered. Check the link.


我們的慶祝08總統勝選裸照大串連活動正式發表啦!(選前發願,說到做到XD) 【串連活動貼紙】



Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Edison with Dawn Yang and some local scandal videos in forum

Do you know who is Dawn Yang?
She is one of the famous blogger in Singapore and Malaysia. You can see it in her blog that she almost become one of the victim of Edison sex scandal. Luckily she had controled of herself.
This is what I quite from her blog.

P.S To the certain people giving me flak for "wanting attention" from the Edison scandal:
Please look at this logically. if I really wanted the attention, wouldn't I have talked about this long ago? Here on my own blog as well? Why on earth wait till now???

For a fact, I did not approach the tabloids or papers to be a tell-tale. It just so happens that this week's Star Blog topic is about Edison. Did I choose the topic? NO. As their writer, I'm just doing my job sharing my thoughts and experiences on the controversy.

I brought up the personal anecdote of my encounter with Edison not to attract attention, but to drive home a point that no matter how charming or famous a guy is, a girl should not allow herself to be caught in compromising situations, as she has more to lose. I don't want to say anything more about my personal encounter with Edison as that was not the point of my STOMP article. I brought this up because when the scandal broke, a chill went down my spine as I could have been one of the unintended victims too. I just wanted to share this with the STOMP readers to drive home my message to girls out there to be careful and sensible, not to create a scandal or unwanted news around myself. People who read the whole article on STOMP will see that the anecdote was only a small part of it, not the crux; I find it upsetting that the mainstream media is taking the anecdote out of context and blowing it up, completely missing the point and message of my original article.

Unfortunately I have no control over what STOMP decides to make headlines or not; I even tried my best to persuade SPH not to run this in the papers, but I could not stop them. Riding on the wave of the scandal is NOT ME, its the media and papers who make these headlines to sell more and make money. I really hope this frenzy dies down soon.




Yupe. But there are many girls that has no control of theirselves and become the victim(They may purposely did the video and post on line, just may be).
I can easily list down some which is really famous in some forum.
1. Sunway college girl.
Many knows who she is, I don't know. I just know she is beautiful in her photos. Her video clip with a guy (according to them is a Malay) is one of the hottest in internet forum.
2. RMIT girl/ Kuching Girl
This one is really controversial. According to PJ net forum, her video clip was uploaded and sent to public as this Chinese girl seperate with this Australian guy.
3. Tanah Merah Student
This is the lastest one if not mistaken. It is from a local press mention this and aftr that many searching online. I just doubt whether this girl is under age as I haven't seen this video.

Learn from Dawn Yang, control yourself and you may avoid seeing yourself online.

P/S: sorry, no video clip provided but if you like, search in forum.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Edison sex scandal , 24 all disclosed

Although Edison Chen sex scnadal has been cold for a while, but people that involved more increase to 24.
Lets see the video and see who are them. Most of them is rich, young and beutiful girls.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Save my country campaign

Only one day to go and it will be 12th General Election for Malaysia. I am here to ask a favour of you that support opposition (DAP,PKR or PAS).
Your effort alone of one vote doesn't help much. But if everyone that vote for opposition can ask and convince 2 persons that support BN or swinging votes to support opoosition may get a new life for Malaysia. Start now, as I know time is not enough.
Change swinging vote and BN votes of our friends or relatives to opposition favour. We have a last chance to save our country.
If you love Malaysia, change ourselves(for BN supporter) and change others people(swinging vote) as well. There are 30% of electorate still undecided!
Just Change it!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Edison sex scandal continue, Carina Lau and Cherie Chung in the list

Wow..Edison may have been in another corner of the earth now but more news is coming.
It is said another suspect in the Edison sex scandal is Carina Lau and Cherie Chung. Both of them in their 40s are still charming , found their photos in Edison laptop is one of the stunning news if it prove a real one.

港媒爆艳照再涉两女星 网友猜测钟楚红刘嘉玲(图)

2008年03月01日 14:49 来源:百度娱乐




  百度娱乐讯 陈冠希公开道歉并宣布退出娱乐圈后,将电脑交由香港警方协助调查。警方发现艳照主角远多于先前已曝光的七人。近日,有消息传出,艳照门又涉及两位在圈中地 位很高、人脑很广的前辈女星。香港某杂志已爆出了疑似二人剪影,据网友猜测,刘嘉玲、钟楚红被疑为是剪影后的真身。


  该杂志爆料,有看过这两辑照片的人称:“‘车仔面’(化名)有两组相片。第一组有10张,是在酒店照的,她穿着see through(暴露的)内衣,和张柏芝那组有几分相似。至于另一批约有20张,应该是短片里面剪辑出来的,因为动作很连贯。”

  至于另一女主角“无艇搭”(化名)的照片,该知情人士直指“很夸张”、“很刺激”:“这批相片其实也应该是短片,有十几张,地点也是在酒店房 间。这个女星已经年逾40岁,她表现得非常投入。老实讲,虽然她非常有名气,但Edison(陈冠希)怎么说都是后辈,真是饥不择食。”






  更有好事者在挖掘剪影的原相,刘嘉玲出席某活动的一张照片即受到重点怀疑。 坏坏/文

Alex Fong took video clip of Yoyo Chen?

After Edison sex scandal, there are still more news to come.
Alex Fong, another hong kong young star was said the man who took the video clip of Yoyo Chen changing her cloth. The video clip has been leak out during the Edison Chen scandal with Gillian Chung, Cecelia Chang and Bobo Chen.
The clips shows Yoyo is wearing her bra. The more news as below.

  • 传YOYO陈自瑶裸照换衣视频是方力申所拍非蔡淇俊 陪审团说漏嘴

  •   TVB艺员陈自瑶的换衣视频重新浮出水面,该视频2007年6月已在网上流传,当时外界怀疑拍摄者是她的绯闻对象男艺人蔡淇俊。今天,有网友在网易娱乐论坛上爆料称,其实当时拍摄视频的人是方力申,并透露此消息由当时法庭上的陪审团成员漏嘴传出。

网易娱乐2月26日讯 由于陈冠希艳照门事件近日轰动世界,一段TVB艺员陈自瑶的换衣视频重新浮出水面,该视频其实早于2007年6月已在网上流传,当时外界怀疑拍摄者是她的绯闻对象男艺人蔡淇俊。今天,有网友在网易娱乐论坛上爆料称,其实当时拍摄视频的人是方力申,并透露此消息由当时法庭上的陪审团成员漏嘴传出。