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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Nico Lai Ying Yu 赖滢羽 nude photos and sex scandal

Nico Lai Ying Yu 赖滢羽 nude photos has leak out. She is a former member of a girls group "Hei girl". or 黑涩会妹妹. It is expected 457 of her naked photos and 1.2G of her sex video with her ex boy friend. There is a lot of version of her photos and her videos like 381M and 1.2G. Anyway, we will provide the link at the end of the post.

赖滢羽,本名赖思澐,1989年1月06日生。台湾女星。曾以艺名Nico加入“黑涩会妹妹”,是原“黑涩会美眉”成员之一,参加过综艺节目《我爱黑涩 会》《模范棒棒堂》《我猜我猜我猜猜猜》。2006年曾被爆出是“台湾摄影联盟”的当红人体模特儿。2012年9月被流出疑似她的“私拍”照,不仅三点全 露,同时有腋下、手脚、左右乳房特写,裸照数量高达457张,被怀疑是她17岁时拍摄的旧照。台湾女星赖滢羽457张不雅裸照全套哪里下载BT种子?

my favorite link:  http://baldmanunited.blogspot.com/

Friday, September 7, 2012

Justin Lee and all female celebrities plus HD video downloads

So there are more videos and photos of Justin Lee scandal leaked out. Do not waste your time, I can list out some of the celebrities such as Ashley Cassie, Bonnie, Cherry, Una, Cora and etc. But no one is more surprise that Peggy 柯以柔 was involved too.
I just provide the link and let you guys to verify.
Some is the news from Gutterpost, and I believe if yo lazy to download the videos, just read the summary from Gutterpost.


and for all the HD video downloads, it is here.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Justin Lee Sex scandal continue, 27.5G and 3P video leaks

The latest news shows that Justin Lee (李宗瑞) sex scandal has a 27.5G, 883 minutes videos that involve a total of 60 females involve. So the victims is not just Maggie Wu.
Some of the actress or celebrities I saw was not that famous. I can not confirm the girls as well but only base on the information given in the videos and clips labels. The actress involve was believe to be 張家楨,林利霏,許韋恩,田欣 and surprisingly 關穎 (although I can recognized from the photo but it is label Guan Yin). You guys go and confirm who is having sex with Justin Lee. Is it a rape? Some videos seems like it is suspicious but mostly are not.
For the 3P video, I think it may be the sister of Chen (陈氏姐妹). Not like a rape case though. I let you guys to figure out.
BTW, I am still looking the full version of 27.5 videos, I just provide you the link I download the mini version of 50MB videos.

Justin Lee 50MB videos link

Justin Lee 3P video link