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Friday, August 31, 2012

Justin Lee Sex scandal continue, 27.5G and 3P video leaks

The latest news shows that Justin Lee (李宗瑞) sex scandal has a 27.5G, 883 minutes videos that involve a total of 60 females involve. So the victims is not just Maggie Wu.
Some of the actress or celebrities I saw was not that famous. I can not confirm the girls as well but only base on the information given in the videos and clips labels. The actress involve was believe to be 張家楨,林利霏,許韋恩,田欣 and surprisingly 關穎 (although I can recognized from the photo but it is label Guan Yin). You guys go and confirm who is having sex with Justin Lee. Is it a rape? Some videos seems like it is suspicious but mostly are not.
For the 3P video, I think it may be the sister of Chen (陈氏姐妹). Not like a rape case though. I let you guys to figure out.
BTW, I am still looking the full version of 27.5 videos, I just provide you the link I download the mini version of 50MB videos.

Justin Lee 50MB videos link

Justin Lee 3P video link

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Taiwan sex scandal, Justin Lee,Maggie Wu and others celebrities

Justin Lee (李宗瑞)and Maggie Wu Ya Xin (吴亚馨)sex scandal is the highly search in the search engine now. Besides, Maggie Wu, Justin Lee was said to have sex video and photos with 60 others female celebrities. Justin Lee is from a wealthy family and this is why so many girls want to be with him. It is said that some girls being snap when they are unknown but belive it is a way they want to keep their good names and push the responsibility to Justin alone. Anyway, The police investigation will in the end let us know more of the story.
Lets see some photos of Justin Lee and Maggie Wu. From this blog's name, you know I do not like people to lie, so as these actress.
There is a video Maggie Wu has oral sex with Justin Lee that is last 0.13 minutes for download.
Click the link at the end for more photos (XX photos) and video download.

This link can be use in anyway in the world even your country block it since it use proxy. Thanks.