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Sunday, February 10, 2008

I am sorry for Gillian Chung fans

Gillian Chung fans or Twins fans, don't be so sad of your idol's photos although till now there is no evidence shows that those photos are fake. Be strong and don't be so sad. Life is going on even Gillian who was so innocent in the past replaced by a Japan AV image.
Obviously, Gillian and also Charlene Choi (another member of Twins) are seriously affected. Charlene should be mad at her partner that almost jeopardise what they have build so hard all these years. The next move is let Twins splits up. Charlene a.k.a Ah Sa will no need to bear the negative image of Gillian together. Emperor Entertainment at least will still make money of their effort to make Twins the Hong Kong most famous female groups.
Gillian, I still remembered how you cried when the Genting peeping picture published in Hong Kong's megazine. You look so innocent. Are your tears is fake? How can you do that to spoil your fans heart? You are not the victim that hurt most in Edison Chen sex scandal, your loyal fans are the victime that hurt most.
P/S:If you are looking for photos url, please refer my previous posts.

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