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Monday, February 11, 2008

Is it Jolin Tsai? Edison Chen sex scandal update

Gosh!Is it Jolin Tsai?I really hope it is not true. Tell me is digital fake photo!
Guys come and verify, it looks like her but the expression is a bit wierd. I can not confirm. Not like the others girl that I can verify by first sight.
Look at these 4 balck lingerie photos of Jolin Tsai look alike girl. Hope she is not the latest female artist that involve with Edison sex scandal.

The sourse is from http://www.zimbio.com/Nicholas+Tse/articles/36/Edison+Chen+Sex+Scandal+Photos+Jolin+Tsai

Unknown Woman 4 playing in lingerie for Edison Chen while he record the whole thing on video. Rumors are that this woman is Jolin Tsai but that is a sure thing, sure looks like her to me. Click on pictures to enlarge.

Jolin Tsai (Chinese: 蔡依林; pinyin: Cài Yīlín; Wade-Giles: Ts'ai I-lin) is a Golden Melody Award winning Taiwanese Mandopop singer. To date, Tsai is one of the most successful and popular singers in the Mandarin music market.

Jolin first started out by taking part in a MTV singing competition at the age of 18. She won the top prize at the competition with her rendition of Whitney Houston's #1 hit "Greatest Love of All". She was then signed by Universal Music.

On July 1999, her first single "Living With the World" (和世界做鄰居) was released. It was sold in convenience stores and was a tremendous success, which led to the release of her first album, Jolin 1019, on September 1999. At that time, she was packaged as "The Girl Next Door," and was an instant hit with teenagers, earning her the title "Teenage Boy Killer". Jolin 1019 ended up selling more than 400,000 copies in Asia. With the success of her first album, she released her anticipated second album in May 2000, Don't Stop. Many of the hits from that album were well known throughout Asia and the album was also a tremendous success. also released her first photobook with pictures mainly taken in Hawaii.

Her image changed for her third album, Show Your Love. Nearing the age of 21, she released an album that was much more mature and soothing. However, the album did not sell as well as her last two albums. Her fourth album, Lucky Number, wasn't able to bring her back to the same level of popularity either. The following year, due to conflicts with her record company, she did not release any albums. She did, however, release her second photo book, with photos taken in Thailand. At the end of 2001, Jolin's contract with Universal Music ended and her first greatest hits compilation, Together was released.


Anonymous said...

it's not her. it's an impersonator.
she doesn't have the tattoo jolin has on her left arm.

i dont think jolin would do things like that.

Anonymous said...

errmmm... it does not look anything like her... i think only a blind person with an IQ of zero wld think it is her..

i dun knw y ppl keep taking pics that just looks like a messy haired posing amateurishly as evidence jolin is embroiled in e scandal.. too desperate for a gossip update i guess..

Anonymous said...

That is definately not Jolin Tsai. For one thing, she doesn't have the tattoo on her left arm. Another, this girl's eyes are too big to be Jolin's. Nose is too big, and her face is too long. Jolin has dyed her hair over and over again, so even if she had redyed her hair black, it wouldn't look as natural as this woman's.