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Thursday, April 28, 2011

There's the F1 Race and The Great ChurpChurp Race! I want more KMs! #Churp2Race

There's the F1 Race and The Great ChurpChurp Race! I want more KMs! #Churp2Race

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Groups buying or groups purchase war in Malaysia

The group buying war has started in Malaysia. The king of group buying in US, Groupon has step into Malaysia market by taking over Groupsmore.
There are several groups buying that worth to take a look. These are all big players with strong 'background'. I am quite confident they will last long unlike some of the small players that are inactive or stop operation.
Groupsmore/ Groupon Malaysia (http://www.groupsmore.com)
Supported by Groupon, you know why it ranks in the No1. Although the facebook fans that click 'Like' is around 20k at this moment, I can see them as the leader in the GB (Group buying) market in Malaysia soon. They offer special deals besides spa, facial treatment, foods. The deals are tempting and a bit different from the competitors. They do have some very successful deals that over 2000 purchase per deal but normally get over 200 to 300 purchases per deal. Feature in 8Tv and NTV7 website should give them higher exposure. Not the No1 now, but will be in the future.
Mydeal (http://www.mydeal.com.my)
Associate with Yahoo Malaysia and backed by a Singapore's GB company. They are the leaders in the Malaysia market currently. Easily get a deal which is over 1000 buyers per deals. The has a fans base of over 60k in facebook currently. They said a lot of their commanding standing in Malaysia market. Why they are number two? They have a first mover advantage but Groupon Malaysia is just too strong and they are catching very soon.
Dealmates (http://www.dealmates.com.my)
 Currently No 4 in the market with a fans of over 31k in Facebook. They also get an average 150 purchase per deals. It is a Catcha product with a JV with a US venture firms. Associated with MSN Malaysia and Lowyat.net. The site design not as good as Groupon Malaysia and Mydeal but still a decent player.
Everyday (http://www.everyday.com.my)
Everyday is quite established in Malaysia as they feature promotions in Malaysia. Now, they are in GB business. They do offer some exciting deals that worth following.
Super deals (http://www.superdeals.my)
Everyone knows the Star in malaysia. they seems to be in any type of up coming web business from jobs enlistment to properties. Is it successful? I think you know Jobstreet and iProperty better. I belive it will be the same. They will survive but will not be the big 3 players. They are partnering 701panduan,com. They deals are pretty similar with competitors. They manage to get over 100 of purchase sometimes in a deal. I see them to grow as the brand name of the star as well as their financial power.
Milk a deal (http://www.milkadeal.com)
They are in the same league in terms of deals and purchase with Groupon Malaysia but if they are one of them will out of the business soon, I think it might be Milk a deal. It is setup by Nuffang, a internet advertising company for blogger in Malaysia and Singapore. they controversially promote Milk a deal by putting ads in the blogger webpage via Nuffnang but never paid a single sen when the ads is clicked. They get the publicity in such as way but I can not see this will last long. If they continue this way, many of the blogger will withdraw from Nuffanag. Nothing special in terms of deals. The design of the site is a bit messy though.

The market will have big 3 players while other players still survive with a much smaller scale. They big 3 players are Groupon Malaysia, Mydeal and Dealmates as they have gain much more support comapre the others. Milk a deal is an outsider if they can stop their promotion by taking advantage of the Nuffnang network's blogger. Else, they will be the first one who get the bad names and may out of the business soon.