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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

If you love your country, please vote!

I have noticed a lot of young generation who is over 21 and eligible as a voter, never register himself or herself as a voter.
According to a survey, there are 70% of youth between 21 to 35 have not register themselves as voter.
Stop complaining this country if you are yet to registered as a voter (if you are over 21) as you not qualify to do so. You have a chance to decide the fate and direction of your country but you give up the right to do so. Of course voting does not mena you love your country but it certainly is an act to love your country.
You should read the article of the link below. It may change the mind that you should vote to change this country. I definately not here to teach you to vote which party as I believe you can judge it yourself.

Review of what your ministers said

An Australian comment of Malaysia

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