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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Gillian Chung, do you know why you get the blame to most?

Among all the female artist that involved in Edison sex scandal, Gillian Chung receive the most bad comments in asia forum. I can understand why she has received a lots of complaints especially fans's parents.
Bobo Chen and Maggie Q (if her photos leak out) have been known as Edison Chen girl friend. So for those nude photos that happen to them, I am a bit sorry for them. Because of their couple relationship, it should not have any controversial they had sex before.
Gilllian Chung is reported that her photos were taken during 2001 to 2006 which at that moment, it is believe Edison was in the realtion ship with Bobo and Maggie Q. So, Gillian is interuptted the relation ship as a "3rd person". Unless Gillian is naive and silly, she know the existence of Bobo and Maggie Q as Edison Chen's gf. Therefore, Gillian (Ah Jiao) was having abnormal relationship with Edison. She should be blamed for having abnormal relationship and not because of her blowjob photos with Ediosn exposed (although it worth to blame as well). Parents is hard to explained to their children how their idol can transform form an angel to a devil is a short time. Her "half hearted" apology seem did not get a positive response form the Hong Kong society. Moreover, it is just a tactic for her to prolong her career. If she not come out to clarify, she will also lose out the advertisement. So she has no choice but to gamble once.
The same apply to Cecelia Cheung and others girls. They are not Edison formal girl friend and obviously they are playing sex game. No sympathy for them really. They deserved the blame.
For the artist (still active) that involve in sex scandal, only fans and society can determine you can in the entertainment industry after that.

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Anonymous said...

Look at the images (Edison & Bobo). The one Edison wearing a boxer with his dick sticking out.
I have 2 images-
One showed Bobo’s head on Edison tummy and looking at Edison’s dick sticking out from his blue boxer.
The second one showing Bobo touching Edison’s dick sticking out from his blue boxer with her index finger.
1. Look and you will notice it was shot in different angle- one is a frontal eyes level shot and the other one is top angle shot.
2. Both images are shot within minutes judging from the action and sequel.
3. From both of their position- no way this shot can be accomplished. It will need a tripod with the camera to shoot from the top. Not to mentioned the tripod will be on the bed.
In order to achieve both the images mentioned:
1. It was shot with 2 cameras- one station on the bed frontal facing or Bobo can hold the camera in the right hand, the other camera got to be on top of them. NO WAY CAN BOBO BE HOLDING IT. IF EDISON IS THE ONE HOLDING IT, HE NEEDS A LONG ARM TO DO IT.
2. Both images were shot separate time.