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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Vincy Yeung, Edison Chen new victim of sex scandal?

After Gillian Chung钟欣桐, Cecelia Cheung张柏芝, Bobo Chen陈文媛,Candice陈思慧,Cathy梁雨恩 and Rachel颜颖思, Edison Chen陈冠希 current girl friend, Vincy Yeung is said to be the latest girl has her nude photo posted up. This rumour spread in the Hong Kong forum this morning and become the latest hot topics in Kong Kong daily currently.
So we can now closely monitoring the response from Emperor Entertainment's boss Mr. Yeung if his niece as the latest victim. Rumours also said Edison has been beaten up.
Before that, 400 plus new photos leak out. That include more exposed photos from Gillian Chung钟欣桐, Cecelia Cheung张柏芝 and Bobo Chen陈文媛. News from papers confirm that Bobo Chen has been moved out form her fiance. The wedding will be postponed or may be cancel. She is now seem the victim that has been affected the most.
Besides, there are news said more photos will be posted and that include Jolin Tsai, Elva, Maggie Q and Joey Yung. We can just wait and see how the story will be going on.
Check my previous post to know where you can get the url link for their photos.

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