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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Rosanne Wong from 2R involve in Edison scandal?

I have found this one from http://www.hollywoodgrind.com

It seems more people involve in this Edison Chen sex scandal. Memebers of another female pop band 2R, Rossanne Wong is suspected involve in this scnadal after another female band Twins, Gillian Chung. So we are waiting whether Kira well leak out her photo.
Good luck girl!

Rosanne Wong Worried Her Naughty Pictures Coming Out Soon

Posted on February 19, 2008 at 7:37 pm (PST) | 4 Comments

Female pop duo 2R, Rosanne Wong, and Race Wong, returned from Singapore to Hong Kong this evening, and neither were willing to comment on the recent naughty picture scandal involving Edison Chen.

Race only said that she wished for the police to solve the case as soon as possible, because everyone had been made quite unhappy by it. She revealed that even her family had urged for the duo to leave the entertainment industry, but she said they won’t quit, because they share a great love for singing and acting. She added that they hoped they will not be dragged into the scandal.

Why are they worried about being dragged into the scandal? Have they let Edison take pictures of them as well?

Rosanne was romantically linked by the press to Edison in 2004. Newspapers have speculated if she will be the next celebrity implicated by the scandal. So there’s your answer. We’ve heard rumors that pictures of Rosanne Wong will surface soon.

Quizzed on whether or not they knew of rumors that Edison threatened to commit su!cide if his current girlfriend Vincy Yeung didn’t accept his marriage proposal, and being unsuccessful, slit his wrist in a su!cide attempt, Race had no reply. She said a Chinese New Year greeting before leaving the airport with Rosanne.

If Rosanne was smart she’d just admit there are pictures of her as well, and just issue an apology before they hit the Internet.

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