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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

JPA scholarships with a little bit different of thought

History repeat itself. You may think I will condemn the governmnet for letting so much brilliant students down. Not exactly.

To dear government or JPA
1. show the list of all JPA scholars that receive overseas scholarships in website and in the newspapers. As a taxpayers, I need to know do you really distribute the scholarships fairly, accurately to the needed students. Please stated their name, course awarded, country that they will study, and perhaps most importantly the family income.
2. Who is the panel who is attending the interview of the selected students and the panel who decide the final decisions of the oversea scholarships? If you can do it transparently with the full video of the interview when those applicants that fail to get the scholarships making an appeal.

1. I understand why you all making a strong voices for the 'mis-distribution' of JPA scholarships. There is nothing wrong. As most importantly you all asking for a more transparency system in the JPA scholar selection.So I want to ask,
a) Why we should send 2000 students a year to study oversea? This brilliant students can not study in our local university?
b) Government said our public university want to become Top 100 in the world university ranking in XX year.Opposition always urge our local university to improve. Now, you all agree to send all our most brilliant students to oversea, so how will the local university improve if they enrol only second strings of students??

To JPA applicants that fail
1. Bill Gates said," Life is not fair - get used to it." in a high school speech. So? What a big deal of not getting an oversea scholarships? You should in the first hand think why we as a taxpayer need to fund your studies to oversea? I can not see that those JPA scholars have contribute nothing more than the own funded local university graduates.

To JPA scholar
1. First , congrats. Second, I hope you are really qualify of getting the scholarships. DO not waste our taxpayers money. You must think how can you contribute more to Malaysia instead of earning more money for yourself. I know that JPA scholar enjoy their luxury life with the money in oversea. This is why so many people compete for JPA oversea scholarships while many become crying babies when they got offer local JPA scholarships. Please do not deny it, I know that.

My opinion, do not offer any scholarships for courses that you can find in Malaysia. Medicine, engineering, actuary science and so one is very common here. I would rather send a qualify applicant for a music degree instead of engineering.
Besides, we should only send student to further studies for Masters or Phd degree. Again, it has to be Top university and the course is not available in local. Spend wisely of taxpayers money.


ling said...

very good post and comment .

Jason said...

Thanks for your comment

Anonymous said...

Hey dude, hi!
Nice said.
Taken from your last paragraph: 'I would rather send a qualify applicant for a music degree instead of engineering.', are you suggesting that the government should emphasize more on music rather than engineering, medicine and architecture? Do you think music is really important in developing our country and sending scholars to study music is not 'a waste of tax payer's money'?
Secondly, how sure are you that every Jpa scholars are having 'luxury life' in foreign country? Clarify. Thirdly, if unfortunately you are selected by Jpa, would you be glad that everyone knows your family income? Do you understand privacy? Finally, there is one question I would like to ask here. Is family income really that important in deciding scholarship? Shouldn't the government send the students who have more capability to do well in foreign country rather than poor but not capable one? Shouldn't result be the first consideration of deciding a scholarship? If we must sponsor the poor students ONLY, then why not just ban the application of the city students and only open to countryside's only? Does that make sense to you?

Jason said...

How can you said Music is not important?Social science is important in developing a country. In shorts, every degree has its value. They plays different role.
I hope those JPA scholars s not as dumb as you. You must understand tax payer need to know these scholarships is awarded properly. If not, why spend on those who did not qualify and wealthy?
Scholarships are supposed to give to those who deserved, and results is just a small part of it.
If you are able to pay for your school fee to study in UK, why use the tax payer money? It just show you are greedy.
About the luxury life, my definition is the money to the scholar is just sufficient for tuition fee, accomdation and basic expenses. If they can buy a car and enjoy at pub by using tax payer money, this is call luxury. remember, you are using tax payer money.