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Monday, April 20, 2009

Pavillion Dim Sum Buffet

There is a dim sum buffet promotion at Li Jin Seafood Restaurant at Pavillon KL.
It is only on Public holiday and weekend.
The restaurant is 6th floor of Pavillon KL.
Phone number is +603-21482313
The price is surprisingly as low as RM20.80++ for adult and RM11.80++ for children.


Anonymous said...

Buffet = Eat ALL as You CAN

But, we really disappointed about this DIM SUM Buffet.

We go for it on last Sunday (26/04/2009) with high expectation since it is a restaurant located in Pavilion.

The Buffet is limited to two hours for each section (12pm - 2pm; 2pm to 4pm & 3pm to 5pm), but we spend most of the time for waiting instead of eating. So, we really wonder what it's means by BUFFET...

Besides, it is lack of Dim Sum variety. We waited for 'Ha Gao'& 'xiu mai' for almost 1 1/2 hours. The 'cheong fan' just be served at the end of the Buffet section.

They really let their customers to keep on waitng for the dim sum to be served, only the fried rice , fried mee, yam cake & porridge to be served for all the time.


Is it called DIM SUM BUFFET??

Anonymous said...

heard a lot of complaint about this place already. luckily for me, i search for comments before i go there. If not i would be the next "victim".
i need to look for other place now. cheers.

Jason said...

I would said, it is not as bad as u think for RM 28.80++.
Yes, lack of variety, service is slow a bit.
But I went to Zhuan Yuan at One world hotel which is double the charge, use a lot of foreign labour, slow service like Li Jin.
I would said, if you are not to fussy, u can have a try. Not the best in the town, not that bad either. At least I feel it is worth RM 28.80++
But if u know any cheaper and better dim sum location in KL, please write here.