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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Watch Beijing 2008 Olympics free online now!

So many events held at the same times and in case your TV station can not cover all the event, you can watch it FREE online now. Especially if you in Malaysia that do know want to pay to Astro, and we all know Malaysia government station, RTM1 and RTM 2 both suck!
Here is the several TV channel that you can watch Beijing 2008 Olympics for free through internet or online. What you need is only broadband.

CCTV China

NBC Sports

Live Sports

I have read some people is forum said, PPstream and Sopcast has been blocked by Streamyx. I tried but yes, I can not get a fast connection. Most oversea IP is blocked is you want to watch CCTV live. It all depends of the luck as more and more P2P streaming software will be blocked. Due to high bandwidth consume? Go die! TM net. We paid such a high bill and yet you blocked I use the bandwidth to the optimum??

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