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Monday, August 18, 2008

Google new search engine competitor, Cuil and Wikia

Google is the No1 serach engine in the world. Yahoo come second. Now, there are two more new high profile search engine who claim their self the next Google.
The first one is the Cuil
I tried to search my blog 2hardwlie and come out with others website that link to my blog but not my blog itself. When I search other famous website like ebay, the result come closer. Personally I think Cuil still have a lot to improve if they want to compete with google. The serach result not really as close as you want.

Another is Wikia.
This is much much better compare with Cuil. The serach result of 2hard2lie will directly show my blog. Another search of baldmanunited also show the blog directly with more links with teh blog. In other words, accurate results. One thing is Wikia seems like using Yahoo and Google search engine to help them as you can see the logo of the big search engine in Wikia searching base. This serach engine is by the founder of Wikipedia and should give some confident it may be another choice of search engine beside Google and Yahoo in the future.

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