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Sunday, August 21, 2011

A letter to Mydeal affiliates manager

Good day

I have a few suggestions so that your side can improve and generate more sales for your business.

1. Improve your affiliates registration process. I have subaffiliates that complaint to me that they did not receive password on the spot. Normally, Mydeal only sent me email a few days later. Some people may have forget about it. Also, your system do not allow affiliates to change our password. I request you to send email again to my subaffiliates to inform them their affiliates password.
2. Mydeal affiliates link only allow visitor to go to the front page but not direct to the deal. It is hard for us to refer a friends as every time they only refer to the first page and need to find the deal. I believe there are pro and cons, but many times, we just need to tell our friends of the deals.
3. Change the affiliate link to the type of using ID number. It is too easy to let people know this is a affiliate link.
4. Provide direct link for area such as Kuching and KK. Currently only JB, KL and Pg link is provided.
5. Please inform how many % of the subaffilites sales will go to affliates.It is not stated in yor affliates webpage.
6. I have create a Mydeal affliate page to let everyone to share the experiences and ideas to earn more from the affiliates program. I believe your company will benefit more as well. Please make this one of your like page in Mydeal.

Thanks and hope Mydeal can improve and get more good deals. If you need more opinion, you can email me.

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