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Friday, August 22, 2008

Germany olympics sportwomans post in Playboy

The September 2008 Issue of German Playboy will be graced by the 4 German Olympic athletes listed and displayed in Photos below:

The German Olympians:,

* Petra Niemann, is competing at her third games in sailing.
* Katharina Scholz is an Olympic field hockey competitor, and quite good at the sport.
* Nicole Reinhardt is competing in canoe/kayak and
* Romy Tarangul the German Judo Athlete
The athletes all stated that they are proud to be Olympians as well as proud to have the freedom to flaunt their bodies which they worked hard for for such a famous magazine like Playboy. Reinhardt will even be wearing her Lycra racing suit she wore for all her kayak races. “There’s attention, but it’s good,” she said. “It’s good for us.” Reinhardt rested her kayak paddle against her left shoulder while she spoke. “You’ll have to buy the magazine or surf the Web to find out where she strategically placed it for Playboy.”

The Germans will not be the first Olympic athletes to appear in Playboy. In fact, American Swimmer Amanda Beard graced the pages of the magazine a year ago before the Olympics as a way to promote anti-animal cruelty.

Photo’s are below:
Katharina Scholz
german playboy
Petra Niemann

Nicole Reinhardt
olympic playboy
Romy Tarangul
romy german olympic

For the September German's Playboy issue, click here

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