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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Edison with Dawn Yang and some local scandal videos in forum

Do you know who is Dawn Yang?
She is one of the famous blogger in Singapore and Malaysia. You can see it in her blog that she almost become one of the victim of Edison sex scandal. Luckily she had controled of herself.
This is what I quite from her blog.

P.S To the certain people giving me flak for "wanting attention" from the Edison scandal:
Please look at this logically. if I really wanted the attention, wouldn't I have talked about this long ago? Here on my own blog as well? Why on earth wait till now???

For a fact, I did not approach the tabloids or papers to be a tell-tale. It just so happens that this week's Star Blog topic is about Edison. Did I choose the topic? NO. As their writer, I'm just doing my job sharing my thoughts and experiences on the controversy.

I brought up the personal anecdote of my encounter with Edison not to attract attention, but to drive home a point that no matter how charming or famous a guy is, a girl should not allow herself to be caught in compromising situations, as she has more to lose. I don't want to say anything more about my personal encounter with Edison as that was not the point of my STOMP article. I brought this up because when the scandal broke, a chill went down my spine as I could have been one of the unintended victims too. I just wanted to share this with the STOMP readers to drive home my message to girls out there to be careful and sensible, not to create a scandal or unwanted news around myself. People who read the whole article on STOMP will see that the anecdote was only a small part of it, not the crux; I find it upsetting that the mainstream media is taking the anecdote out of context and blowing it up, completely missing the point and message of my original article.

Unfortunately I have no control over what STOMP decides to make headlines or not; I even tried my best to persuade SPH not to run this in the papers, but I could not stop them. Riding on the wave of the scandal is NOT ME, its the media and papers who make these headlines to sell more and make money. I really hope this frenzy dies down soon.




Yupe. But there are many girls that has no control of theirselves and become the victim(They may purposely did the video and post on line, just may be).
I can easily list down some which is really famous in some forum.
1. Sunway college girl.
Many knows who she is, I don't know. I just know she is beautiful in her photos. Her video clip with a guy (according to them is a Malay) is one of the hottest in internet forum.
2. RMIT girl/ Kuching Girl
This one is really controversial. According to PJ net forum, her video clip was uploaded and sent to public as this Chinese girl seperate with this Australian guy.
3. Tanah Merah Student
This is the lastest one if not mistaken. It is from a local press mention this and aftr that many searching online. I just doubt whether this girl is under age as I haven't seen this video.

Learn from Dawn Yang, control yourself and you may avoid seeing yourself online.

P/S: sorry, no video clip provided but if you like, search in forum.

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