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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Malaysia, you still want more foreign labours??

It has shown how our government view on the current view of foreign labours. Within a week, the stand is somehow change 180 degree.

Fisrtly on Sunday, 20 Jan 2008, goverment plan to slashed as much as 10% of the total foreign labours in this country. We have 2.6 million legal foreign labours in Malaysia and reducing 10% of the total foreign labours is approximate 260,000.

At the same time, government admits that this move is to reduce the dependency of foreign labours and to increase the paid of locals. I have another post of which i wrote of too much of foreign labours.

However, today...what a twist. Seven hundred to 1000 Bangladeshi workers are still arriving in Malaysia daily because their work permits were issued before the Government freeze last October. Bangladesh High Commissioner M. Khairuzzaman, who revealed the figures at a press conference Friday, said the Malaysian Government's move was meant to stabilise the situation involving Bangladeshi workers here.

It is so obvious that our government still want more unskilled foreign labours to "develop" our beloved Malaysia. Till now, goverment still not realize how wrong they are to import so many of foreign labours until they (foreign labours) have overtook Indian as the 3rd largest gropu on Malaysia.

If we not start to transform to a more value added industry which rely on skilled and knowledge workers, we will lagging behind Vietnam in a short time and not to mention catching up Singapore. No wonder we are exporting our professionals to Singapore, China, Australia and others developed countries and replaced by Indonesian, Nepalese, Bangladeshi to our country!

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