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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Hindraf and government, don't over the line

When I stucked in the traffic jam arund 6.30pm on Friday at the road towards PWTC, a police traffic has open the road to a black Proton Perdana which I supposed a minister was inside the car. About the same time same area on Thursday, several Mercedes Benz with Royal family members inside the car were opened road by several police tarffic. I don't know whether some people has misused the privillge to ask the police traffic to open road for them. Give ways when there is no emrgency like ambulance or police perform their duty, just make the road more congested and moreover it is in the peak time when everybody is rushing back to their home. No wonder Kuala Lumpur traffic jam and public transport never improve as the 'big flights' always smooth on their way to destination.

Hindraf and government are going too far
The same also apply to Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf). Hindraf has claimed that Malaysia practising 'ethnic cleasing' and demolished Hindu temple at a rate of 3 weeks once in an e-mail to Gordon Brown, British Prime Minister. This is a big wrong step for Hindraf leader P.Uthayakumar which I think he has gone too far. To claim Indian has been marginalised in Malaysia is acceptable and this will get more sympathy from international. Faking the truth to get more attention just bring more harm, even to Hindraf itself and local community which is neutral may turn their stand. Of course, to tarnished the image of Malaysia as the multiracial and multicultural country that live in harmony, Hindraf can consider they have succeeded.

On the other hand, police claimed that they believe that Hindraf is funded by terorist in oversea. Many would have think this is an action from government to stop the public to support the Hindraf action due to sympathy. However, how true it is? There is no evidence to Hindraf has done so and Hindraf has asked Police to show the evidence. Government till now has no sction to look into the matter the Indian community problems but put more effort to deny Hindraf claimed and bring the 31 Indians taht were caught during the demonstartion assembly to court and accused them of being attempt to murder.

Three scenarios but all is going too far of the line. Traffic Police should opened road when it is needed and not for a royal member or minister to attend a dinner. Hindraf should make a claim that reflects the truth so does the goverment.

Most importantly, New Economic Plan (NEP) that should be finished at 1991 was not execute to benefits the needed people and until today, the most beneficial people may be those holding a high post in the society (business, politics and etc).The facts is after 50 yeras of independent, we are not even equal. We have been born here and we are devide to Bumi and non Bumi after you born. Base on the constitution, you will have no privillege if you are non bumi. For foreigners to understand this, this is mean the people is devide to first class and second class in terms of the country privillege. I knw the world in unfair and so did many people in Malaysia. However, please name a country that in the constitution has automatically classified the people to be a second class residents, which he or she will not given discount to buy a house, less opportunity to enter local univerity as well as getting scholarships, no getting government tender or bidding projects, and many more?

And the solution for all this chaos is just euqality, help to solve the poverty with no racial issue. Everybody has an euqal chance and if you not appreciate the chance and continue to live in poverty, it is their own choice .
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